HAJJ 2018

With Sheikh Samiullah Safi

Travel Dates August 12th-30th
Zulhijjah 1st - 19th
August 12th-27
Zulhijjah 1st - 15th
August 12th - 17th
Zulhijjah 1st - 5th
Al Madinah Harmony (5 stars)
5 minutes walking to Haram
August 17th - 19th
Zulhijjah 6th - 8th
Mahbas Al-Jinn (4 stars) Al Safwah Hotel (5 stars)
2 minutes walking to Haram
August 19th - 23rd
Zulhijjah 8th - 12th
Air-conditioned tents in Mina and Arafat
August 23rd - 30th
Zulhijjah 12th - 19th
Mahbas Al-Jinn (4 stars) Al Safwah Hotel (5 stars)
2 minutes walking to Haram
Al Safwah Hotel (5 stars)
until August 27th/Zulhijjah 15th

All packages include Hajj fee and Qurbani/Zabiha


  • Sheikh Samiullah will accompany the group. He speaks English, Arabic, Pashto, Farsi & Urdu which enables him to explain the rules & rites of Hajj easily to a varied group of Hujjaj.
  • Direct Flights from Saudi Airlines (When paid full at the earliest)
  • Hajj training will be provided, date will be notified
  • All ground transportation by private air-conditioned coach buses
  • Visit to historic sites in Madinah
  • Gifts of Ihram for brothers and prayer rugs for sisters
  • Breakfast and dinner included during hotel stay
  • Occupancy 4 per room, extra payment for less than 4

Documents Required

  • Valid passport for at least 1 year with 4 empty pages
  • Two passport size photos with white background
  • Permanent residents need to submit their original green card
  • Original certificate of vaccination of Meningitis, not more than 3 years old
  • Extra fee if last visit is less than a year ago
  • Females over 45 years of age don't need Mahram
  • Females traveling with Mahram must provide proof of relation
  • Mahram must be at least 21 years old

* See our Terms and Conditions here

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